Capture The Imagination.

The Poetry of Michelle Morine

“Be clearly aware of the stars and infinity on high.
Then life seems almost enchanted after all.”  
-Vincent van Gogh
Floating Thoughts
My eyes lit up and twinkled like
the stars of Heaven.

Before the Dawning Age
in the realms of beyond

Death knocking upon
the door

Free thought to disperse
exhaling the light

A flexing of mental thoughts
A dream like dance
floating above with a loving glance.
The Blue of Earth
Bathing in the sands of lost time
I stir
Longing for more memories to drown in

As the blue fades
my dreams wither
within it

While the light of the ancient stars
breathes around us
I begin to cry against the wind
and within this dark moment
The blue of earth
takes me
My imagination spills into
your thoughts, slowly blending
together, creating a perfect shaded hue.

My asylum awaits within
as you reach deeper
into me.
Breaking out of reality as
we mix our selves together.

Closing in on me as our
minds touch
my insides rushing
to my face
I blush

Faltering on every word
as I speak to no one
I realize I am alone.
Catching the rain
with your love

I’ll meet you in a song
I’m ready for your rain

These pages torn
from my heart
I give to you
to write love

I’ll meet you in a song
with these pages
you’ve written something new
Cold Air Dreams
A chill in these
broken bones
leaking out
leaving only my decimation
in it’s wake

Frozen eyes of blue
a spell of liquid
iced rain

The storms
soft death of cold
brings an
understanding of
the darkness

While freezing in these
cold air dreams.
Water That I Breathe
Functioning at under normal levels
lost under your breath
seducing the mind
blending thoughts together
as misfits unite

A glitch in the programming
a break in the night

Bring the water
that I breathe
and I’ll drown
in your sight

Lost to an emotion
I thought I forgot
then a breath of